Translation Price List

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CategoriesTranslation Price per page (AED)Translation Price per word (USD)Translation Price per word (USD)Translation Price per word (USD)
.English into ArabicArabic into EnglishEnglish into ArabicArabic into English
Legal Translation Dubai
Repeated Forms40500.040.05
(E.g. Marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, school certificate, university certificate, property registration document, passport, visa etc.)
Court Judgments60650.070.08
Memoranda of Association60650.070.08
Powers of Attorney60650.070.08
Insurance Documents65850.080.09
Shipping & Maritime Documents60650.070.08
Translation of Business Documents
Accounting Documents65850.080.09
Financial Documents65850.080.09
Banking Documents65850.080.09
Stock Market Documents851000.090.1 2
Marketing materials Documents851000.090.1 2
Economic Documents851000.090.1 2
Real estate Documents851000.090.1 2
Website Contents1001250.1 20.14
Management Related Materials851000.090.1 2
Management training materials851000.090.1 2
Education Related Materials851000.090.1 2
Translation of Hospitality Materials
Food Menus1001250.1 50.1 8
Hotel Directories1001250.1 20.1 4
Travel & Tourism Materials1001250.1 20.1 4
Translation of Engineering Documents
Chemical Engineering Documents1001250.1 20.1 4
Electrical Engineering Documents1001250.1 20.1 4
Industrial Engineering Documents1001250.1 20.1 4
Mechanical Engineering Documents1001250.1 20.1 4
Civil Engineering Documents1001250.1 20.1 4
Petroleum Engineering Documents1001250.1 20.1 4
Electrical Appliances Users Manuals1001250.120.14
Electrical Devices and1001250.1 20.1 4
Equipment Users Manuals Electrical Machines Users Manuals1001250.120.14
Translation of Computer Related Materials
Computer Hardware Users Manuals1001250.120.14
Computer Software Users Manuals1001250.120.14
Mobile Phone Users Manuals1001250.120.14
Translation of Industry Related Documents and Materials
Automotive Materials and Manuals1001250.120.14
Health and Cosmetics Materials1001250.120.14
Energy Related Materials1001250.120.14
Building and Construction Materials1001250.120.14
Telecommunication Materials1 001 250.120.14
Military and Weaponry Users1001250.120.14
Translation of Scientific Materials    
Medical Reports1001250.120.14
Medicine Inserts1001250.120.14
Translation of Entertainment Materials    
Film Scripts1001250.120.14
Sports Materials1001 250.120.14
Translation of Advertising & Promotional Material Translation of Press Ads
Minimum charges less than (less than 50 words)40500.190.28
50 – 100 words60650.160.19
100 – 150 words751000.140.19
1 – 9 pages1001250.140.16
10 pages or more10% discount  
Brochure text1001250.140.16
Leaflets/Flyer text1001250.140.16
Company Profile text1001 250.140.16
Product Catalogue text1001 250.140.16
Poster text1001 250.140.16
Display stands text1001 250.140.16
Product packaging text1001 250.140.16
Formatting Charges
Bilingual format15 per page0.02
PowerPoint format15 per slide0.02
Formatting on Macintosh
Average page, English or Arabic40 per page11.00 per page
Average page, other Languages60 per page17.00 per page